our hoodies - batgirl (babs tarr/cameron stewart design)

something i REALLY wanted us to get done before our US trip and thus couldn’t get out of my head till now TuT i know i want to give it a remake but i think it’s not that bad for a first try! ♥ obviously based on babs tarr and cameron stewart's new batgirl design :3 i even forced kairi to be a model again heheh~ I’M SO SORRY for so many photos but i really love all the tiny details and couldn’t decide on what to include ORZ

chloecatapilla asked:

Discuss: out of Tangled and Frozen, which is the better movie? Consider ALL factors excluding popularity difference of each film.

Wow I am definitely going to get shouted at here for something.

Okay: Tangled vs Frozen. Wow.

I really like both of these films actually, even though they’re not my favourite genre they’re both really sweet and the animation of them made me feel all fuzzy inside.

I’m going to start with Frozen because I feel like it. Plus it’s more recent and I can remember most of it. I liked the fact that it was from a woman’s perspective, however I found the storyline quite generic in the fact that even though she has powers, Elsa is still the one who has to be locked away to wallow in her self pity which is a parallel between the two films. What I DID like, however is the fact that with Frozen’s storyline, it is the strong female character who sets her free as said in ‘The Snow Queen’ on which the film was based (yes, I went to Wikipedia but it’s 1AM, c’mon) whereas in Tangled, Rapunzel is rescued by her Prince Charming: Eugene.

One point that has to be made, though, is that the story of Rapunzel was published by the Grimm Brothers circa 1698 in Germany whereas The Snow Queen was published nearly 200 years later in 1845-ish in Denmark. So both of these stories are European, but other than some plot similarities, that’s about it when it comes to original comparison. They both have the lively princess with the originally skeptical but ultimately caring guy and the his personified steed go on a quest. That’s where I think Disney did a great job, that even despite this, they still made two completely different films.

One thing I totally love about both films is the gorgeous colour palettes used. I would say it’s better in Tangled because of the flowers and fire and dresses and stuff but right now I’m going to say that Frozen has won my heart when it comes to colours. Hear me out: the entire film is about ice. So theoretically about 90% of the film should be in shades of blue, but NO! Disney actually put purples and golds and greens into the ice depending on Elsa’s moods and it was fucking gorgeous. As well as the flowers and pretty Kingdom.

I’m just going to say right now that character design means almost nothing to me as soon as people start complaining about it. The characters themselves are what matters to me so what they look like doesn’t really strike something loud in me but apparently to some people, Frozen was a disgrace when it comes to character diversity. Yeah, they looked the same but they’re related and extremely inbred (most likely) so variation within the royal family would be minimal anyway. Tangled, however, was much better in this subject (apparently) so I think this round goes to Tangled.

Frozen had a better soundtrack. I’m not going to discuss that.

Tangled is an old story that has been in the arts for hundreds of years and is an extremely well known story, and I don’t think Disney let this legacy down at all, however Frozen comes from a far lesser (¿grammar??) known story and so it was much more refreshing to watch.

Again, I’ve run out of points and I’m tired and I’m excited for the next question which I have already started drafting because WHAT?!? THE BETTER ROBIN??! But anyway I think I’ve made it quite clear that I believe Frozen is the better film. Believe it or not, that goes against my personal beliefs just because I don’t really like the film (not my genre- as stated before) so at least I’m not being biased?? Or maybe it’s just because I’ve forgotten Tangled completely. Whatever. Done.